Monday, October 31

MVP: Chambray Shirt

Happy Halloween!!!

Obviously the chambray shirt has been taking over the runway and streets- just look at pinterest and fashion sites. Needless to say, I've been lusting after this J. Crew Selvedge Chambray Shirt, but it's $98. 

While I love this shirt, it's a bit pricey for a semi-employed recent graduate, so like any good fashionista I started looking for an alternative. I've seriously been looking for an alternative for about four months and everything I found was too dark, too light or had too much sheen. You know the deal.

Today, I'm proud to announce the most valuable player in my closet this week and this fall/winter season- Old Navy's Chambray Shirt. My alternative is slightly darker, but I was very pleased with the material and feel of it. With my coupon, I was able to grab this shirt up for $20.43 tax and all. What a steal!

From office wear to casual wear it'll take you everywhere. Here's how I'm wearing it this season. 

And then the casual wear will go a little something like this--
Image via Kendi Everyday
And this my friends is why it's a MVP in my wardrobe. Thanks for reading!

- Allie

Are you wearing chambray this season? If so how?