What's P&P?

Platters & Pearls serves up simple, easy food ideas and versatile, posh fashion with a few pearls of wisdom here and there.

Platters: I'm a twenty something who seriously only started cooking in college. Through P&P I'll share recipes from other sources and any nifty tricks I pick up along the way. I've been influenced by mom and aunt because they are wonderful cooks and always dragged me into the kitchen when I was younger. Since they hardly ever use recipes for those glorious Southern meals I love, I'm hoping I can share some rough recipes with you all. And of course, come up with a few of my own.

Pearls: I grew up in the South and nothing is more Southern than a string of pearls. I've loved fashion since I was born...okay since the age I could grasp the concept. As I began shopping I realized the world isn't really made out for five foot ladies with curves. With that said my fashion ideas, tips, musings will be based on a reasonable budget (recent college grad) geared toward petite frames, but most of all how to dress your body correctly. Nothing looks better than great fitting clothes whether it's a $20 skirt or a $200 skirt.

Pearl of Wisdom: These are my life lessons. As I make mistakes grow up, I'm sure I'll run into some things worth sharing- so be looking out for these little pearls to make you shine in life.