Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year:: New Year, New You

Happy New Year! 

Okay... I'm a couple days, oh well. Better late than never, right?! First, please forgive me for my lack of posting this past month. I had so many ideas I wanted to share, but working retail during the holidays gets a little hectic (no reason, I know) but that's my excuse. 

Let me say that I am SO excited to start this new year off and one of my first resolutions is to become more consistent in posting! Every year resolutions are made, yet many times they are broken. I'm going to share with you my list, not because I think that you will enjoy it, but that it keeps me accountable. 

2012 Resolutions:
  • Post at least once a week for my lovely readers!
    • I'd like to experiment with some vlogs. 
    • Please let me know what you'd like to see more of. 
  • Exercise 3-4 times a week (doesn't have to be hard core, but a little bit of something!)
    • Run the Country Music Half Marathon or Nashville Half Marathon...who's with me?!
  • Eat healthier
    • Less fried foods (this is hard...I live in the South), focus on portion control and eat more vegetables. 
  • Save money
    • I'd like to go to Korea with Holt International Adoption Agency this May. More details to come about this later. 
  • Find a "big girl gig"
  • Enjoy life- including all the ups and downs it comes with!

*What are your New Year resolutions? Share with me!*

As always, thanks for reading! I'll be posting something fun soon, so keep checking back. 

- Allie

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