Monday, November 14

Functional Fashion: Grey Slouch Sweater

Earlier this fall I purchased a grey slouchy, knit sweater from T.J. Maxx for $19.99 plus tax- what a bargain! Unfortunately, I don't know what brand mine is because it only has a floral print on the tag. I just got it a couple of months ago in the juniors department, so I'm sure there is something similar to it still there. But just in case, here are some alternatives:
Calvin Klein Boxy Boatneck Sweater
New York & Co. Lurex Knit Dolman Sleeve Sweater 
When I first purchased this piece I didn't think I would wear it that much because of it's lack of shape, but to my surprise it has quickly become one of my "go to" pieces. The slouchy knit is light weight, which makes it great for layering. The layering and versatility of the texture allows you to take it from early fall days to the beginning of winter (if you live in the South).

Here's how I wore it-
{Business Casual} 
Although you can't see it, my boots have heels on them! The belt adds shape to the boxy sweater and highlights my waist (the smallest part of me).  Add some simple jewelry, in my case a doubled long necklace, and your good to go. Remember, accessories can easily dress up your clothing which translates more "wear time."
{Warm Fall Casual}
This sweater is nice and light which allows you to wear it earlier in the season without feeling stuffy. Flats keep it casual and the tank adds a nice pop of color. Add an interesting statement necklace and you have a nice but comfy casual outfit. 
{Cold Fall Casual}
Like I said before, this sweater is a great layering piece. Since all the colors are neutral I feel more confident about mixing patterns and textures. The addition of a plaid button down and boots give the outfit a more styled look, while giving you more warmth too. Add a long necklace and bangles to finish this look.

How would you wear this? I'd love to hear how you would style it in the comments!
As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 
- Allie

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