Thursday, November 17

Pearl of Wisdom: Time Management

Every morning I wake up and check my email. I immediately feel inundated with marketing emails. It makes me feel like I can't get to all the important stuff that I need to read. Really it's a catch 22 because you want to keep up with all your information outlets. For me this would be industry news, news feeds over style and other various topics, google alerts and my favorite stores- so I know about the best deals. But at the same time I don't want 30+ emails a day, every day.

For a good laugh, this is how I feel:

Simple Solution- an alternative email address.

Easy enough, right?! Earlier this week I set up an email- to be specific. I went through my professional email address and unsubscribed to all my "fun mail" that I wanted to be filtered out of my inbox. Then I went to all the websites to which I had unsubscribed and resubscribed using my new email address- only a few will just let you update your info. Now this sounds like a hassle, but if you sit down for 30 minutes and focus, you can get it knocked out. 

Finally, I connected my new email account to my iPhone. What this allows you to do is, look at one inbox at a time, meaning when I get up in the morning I can look at my professional email and not waste time rummaging through all my "fun mail." 

Here's the best part! When you resubscribe to most stores, they send you a discount coupon. This just might help with all the Christmas shopping needing to get done or give yourself a nice treat for making your life easier!

Hopefully you've found this helpful! I'd love to hear if you have any helpful time management tips.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

- Allie 

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  1. This is the best idea ever! And I love the picture... so true!